Four Weight Loss Tips

Keeping the Weight Off After a Weight Loss Program

Wondering how to keep all that weight off after you’ve finished a weight loss program Dallas?

Experienced dieters know that keeping weight off after you’ve lost it is easier said than done. Many patients assume that they can simply return to their old eating habits after they’ve dropped their extra pounds, but it’s important to make certain lifestyle and eating changes in order to keep your weight where it should be.

These four tips can help you maintain your weight loss results after your Dallas weight loss program is over.

  • Weigh yourself every week. During your diet, you may have weighed yourself every day. After you’ve reached your target weight, keep weighing yourself once per week to know where you stand.
  • Keep eating whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. These are the basis of a healthy diet for life, not just during a diet plan.
  • Don’t go back to sugary soft drinks and juices. It’s important to eat your calories, not drink them – this helps you feel more satiated on fewer calories. Cutting out sodas, sweetened teas, and juices helps keep your calorie consumption low for life. The only caloric beverage you should be drinking is milk.
  • Don’t skip meals – especially breakfast. Just as you did during your weight loss program, it’s important to eat a little bit every few hours. Don’t ever skip a meal, or you’ll probably end up overeating later.


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